The Head of the Department of Publishing and Editing is doctor in social communication studies, professor Olha Trischuk. The Department prepares editors for publishing houses, editorial and publishing departments, scientific journals and collections, centers of scientific and technical information, advertising and promotion departments, patent-licensing departments and other organizations. The Department conducts research work on the study of the nature and characteristics of texts before and after editorial preparation of various kinds of publications with sophisticated editing and desktop publishing. The department trains specialist and masters in Publishing and Editing. Public Relations.

Main directions of scientific and technological activities: studying the nature and characteristics of texts before and after editorial preparation of various publications with sophisticated editing and desktop publishing.

Qualification of graduates: Bachelor in Publishing and Editing, Advertising and Public Relations, specialist and master of Publishing and Editing, Public Relations.

Professional oriented disciplines: Editing, Editorial and Publishing, Modern Ukrainian Literary Language, Editorial Analysis and Preparation of Publications, Principles of Journalism, Media.

Professionals activities: editorial and publishing process; planning and forecasting information and promotional activities; analytic-synthetic and creative work.

The main industries for the future specialist: information field (publishing, editorial, media, editorial and publishing departments of different companies, information, advertising agencies, etc.).

Graduates work as editor, senior editor, proofreader; journalist; head of marketing service in publishing, advertising agency, editorial and publishing department of research organizations, educational institutions, media and special communications.

The department has: student's editorial offices; laboratory of desktop publishing; educational science and technology center.

For several years the Department  holds leading positions at the university among applicants.

The main purpose of training and education - education conscious of national intelligence, spiritual elite education in Ukraine, increase of intellectual capacity that will ensure efficient operation of future professionals. Educating of future professionals and highly educated individuals whom will become bearers of moral, artistic, aesthetic, legal, labor, environmental culture is realized by:

  • creating the necessary conditions for the full development of the individual student, his thinking and general culture by engaging different kinds of creative activities;
  • young people abilities development;
  • propaganda of healthy lifestyle among students.

Students of the department during the study are able to:

  • get a second degree on favorable terms;
  • improve knowledge of foreign languages;
  • receive military specialty and the rank of reserve officer;
  • relax in the sports camp.


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