Department of Publishing and Editing was established in 1959 as a part of the evening faculty of Ukrainian Printing Institute named after Ivan Fedorov in Kyiv. The department was founded and led by famous scientist and bibliologist, teacher,  writer, educator, editor, Doctor of Philology, Professor Roman Ivanchenko until his death He was the first in Ukraine who laid the foundation of the theory and practice of editing. Since 1966 Department continued its work as a Department of Editing and  since 1975 - as a section of the Department of Books Art. Since 1990 the Department has became a part of Printing and Publishing Faculty of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Over the years the Department was headed by various prominent scientists – PhD in Philology D/ Chlapak (1959-1964), PhD in Philology. A. Rudnytsky (1965-1966), professor S. Shakhovskoi (1966-1975), PhD in Arts B. Valuyenko (1975-1990), Doctor of  Philology, Professor R. Ivanchenko (1990-2004), Doctor of Social Communication Studies, Professor O. Trischuk (since 2004).

The Department's origins lays with the well-known Ukrainian writers and editors, and journalists. First of all, writer, literary critic, the first dean of the faculty Professor D. Chlapak who is known as an author of Ukrainian literature textbook for schools. For a long time the department was led by known literary critics, Doctor of Philology, Professor S. Shakhovskoi and Professor O. Kilimnik. Shakhovsky's textbook Ukrainian Literature for high school students were reprinted more than twenty times and had became a precious handbook for many generations of Ukrainian students. Professor A. Kilimnik was an author of 80 books about Ukrainian writers. In the early years the Department prepared the editors of Popular Literature. Life is prompted to start training for editors in publishing industry thus professors have created a number of courses for the specific preparation and editing of industry publications.

At first the Department had trained professionals only for evenings. After joining the faculty of the National Technical University of Ukraine "KPI" editors preparation is carried out for a full-time and part-time students.

The Department is well known in Ukraine and abroad as Ukrainian school of theory and practice of editing which launched a powerful and efficient direction of research in the editorial and publishing. The Department had distinguished itself with high levels staff. Today it employs qualified teachers each of whom is an experienced editor, author of numerous publications and books. Among them two professors, two doctors, 7 associate professors, 9 PhDs,  annually graduate students and young teachers are defending their PhD thesis.

Professors of the department with many years of experience with students, supported by a personal professional skills, promptly and effectively respond to changes in professional publishing sphere corresponding it with changes in the educational process. In order to improve the entire educational process and to ensure proper training of graduates, the Bologna Process developed new curricula. Joining the European Higher Education Area within which act only requirements for recognition of education, employment and mobility are also implies the introduction of credit-module system, the practice of distance education. In "KPI", the Publishing and Printing Institute and the Department of Publishing and Editing as its constituent units has made the first steps in this direction. In particular, this academic year is held twice per semester certification students from all disciplines are taught at the Department. The Department is connected to the  Internet.

To master the editorial profession students receive theoretical training and acquire practical skills of editing and proof-reading technology books, magazines, brochures and other printed materials. At the same time they are learning new methods of publishing process, trained to use the most modern technology processing of textual and illustrative information. In order to improve the level of training at the Department this year opened a training publishing computer la, where students can learn the most popular program layout (QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop), master all stages of publication from layout to  operations for delivery a print shop and to solve the problems associated with the automation of many editorial and publishing processes.

Thus the most of the students are capable, well-trained young people able to master basic and professionally oriented disciplines, to improve professional knowledge using up to date achievements in each scientific field. Throughout of the Department history the editorial profession has overcome more than thousand of people, which became the basis of editorial body in Kyiv. Among them are members of the Writers' Union of Ukraine, Union of Journalists, honored workers of the industry. Our graduates work at Ukraine's leading publishing houses, newspapers, radio and television, in magazines and organizations that have publishing rights. The Department is trying to get students hired during studying process using traditional long-term relationships with publishing and printing organizations and institutions. Much attention is paid to manufacturing practices taking place throughout the study along with auditorium classes. During practice business leaders are able  to get to know our students, to assess the quality of their training and without fear offering them further work positions and students are able to get professional and business skills.

The Department prevails creative business climate conducted to a balanced, productive work of students, professors and researchers. The basis of human relations are mutual respect, care for every member of the team, understanding each of their involvement in the general case and, consequently, the image of the Department, Institute and university.


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