The courses are designed for in-depth preparation for admission to the University of student and working youth under the KPI Program. Igor Sikorsky's "The Future of Ukraine"

Students of 11-12 grades of secondary schools, as well as persons who have already completed secondary education can become students of the courses.

The purpose of the courses is to bring the level of knowledge of our entrants to the requirements of university programs. Studying at pre-university training courses provides not only a high level of knowledge, but also the opportunity to join work in technical creativity circles, participate in creative competitions, Olympiads, become a member of the Small Academy of Sciences, get acquainted with the history of KPI Publishing and Printing Institute. Igor Sikorsky, his traditions and achievements, as well as the main activities of its departments, laboratories and research departments.

The objectives of the courses are also to carry out early professional orientation of students in order to identify the abilities and talents of each of them and to develop sound recommendations for their choice of future profession; to involve the most talented young students in research work on the basis of leading departments and laboratories of the Publishing and Printing Institute of KPI. Igor Sikorsky, which, in particular, gives certain benefits when entering the KPI. Igor Sikorsky.

Preparation of entrants is carried out in the following subjects:

  • math
  • physics
  • Ukrainian language and literature (advanced level)
  • History of Ukraine
  • foreign language (english)
     Items for the creative competition:
  • nature
  • still life
  • composition

When entering the natural-mathematical and engineering-technical directions, for which persons from among professionally oriented youth, who in the year of admission have completed preparatory courses (departments, faculties of pre-university training) of a higher educational institution, for admission on the basis of full general secondary education to this higher educational institution is added to 10 points according to the results of the final certification.

List of documents attached to the application for admission to the courses:

  1. Photocopy of birth certificate or first and second pages of passport;
  2. 2 photos measuring 3x4 cm;
  3. 2 files for documents.

Term of study - 7 months.

Form of study:
- evening (3 times a week from 16 to 19 hours)
- correspondence (2 times a month on Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm) for the specialty "Publishing and Editing", "Advertising and Public Relations").                           

For the specialty "Fine Arts" classes are held 3 times a week: on Thursday, Saturday from 16:30 to 19:00 and on Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00. Classes start from October 1. Acceptance of documents will begin on September 1..

The cost of training is - from 700 UAH.

Organizational and methodical work on the courses is provided by:

  1. Vitsyuk Yuliya Yuriyivna - course leader.
  2. Kuzina Olga Yuriyivna - Methodist.
03056, Kyiv, street Yangel, 1/37,
(Igor Sikorsky KPI educational building № 8), room 36.
Tel: 097-952-18-59.


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