The Department of Publishing and Editing is one of the oldest in the Publishing and Printing Institute of KPI. Igor Sikorsky. It was organized in 1959 - the year of the founding of the Kyiv Evening Faculty of the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute. I. Fedorov (now - the Ukrainian Academy of Printing in Lviv).
In different years, the department was headed by well-known editors, journalists, scientists: Ph.D. philol. Science D.Ya. Shlapak (1959–1964), Ph.D. philol. AI Rudnytsky (1965–1966), prof. SM Shakhovsky (1966–1975), Cand. artist, prof. BV Valueenko (1975–1990), Dr. philol. Sciences, Prof. RG Ivanchenko (1990–2004), Dr. N. soc. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor OV Trischuk (since 2004).
Today the department is headed by Doctor of Sciences in Social Communications, Professor Olga V. Trischuk, who has been working here since 1990.

The main task of the department is to train highly qualified specialists in editing and advertising of books, magazines, newspapers and other printed products; to help them master the set of knowledge related to the creation and dissemination of a competitive publishing product suitable for the modern market; to acquaint future specialists with practical and scientific-applied bases of advertising and PR, to teach to create competitive printed and electronic publishing products, to organize editorial-publishing, advertising process in book, newspaper and magazine editions, in electronic mass media, and also to teach to promote publishing products in the market , bring them to the reader, consumer, create a high image policy of editorial and publishing and other economic structures. The purpose of teachers of the department is intellectual, professional, personal development of the student - scientific, educational and upbringing activities are subordinated to it.

During the existence of the department, more than 2000 thousand people have mastered the editorial specialty, which became the basis of the editorial staff of Kyiv. Among them are members of the Writers' Union of Ukraine, the Union of Journalists, honored workers of the industry. Our graduates work in leading publishing houses, newspapers, magazines in Ukraine and abroad, on radio and television.

The educational process in KPI. Igor Sikorsky, Publishing and Printing Institute and in particular at the graduating department is carried out by highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff. In total, the department has 22 full-time teachers, including: 2 professors, doctors of sciences, 17 candidates of sciences, 13 associate professors, 5 senior teachers, 1 assistant, 1 honored cultural figure.

The formation of the full-time teaching staff has its own history and takes place, in particular, at the expense of graduates of the department (OO Yanishevsky, OM Levchuk, RI Segol, OA Golovko, SB Fialka, O O. Gusak, AP Kyrychok), which indicates the existence of traditions and development of the scientific school.
Teachers have appropriate basic education, experience of practical, industrial, scientific and pedagogical work, conduct creative and scientific research in the disciplines, regularly publish research results in professional journals, participate in scientific conferences and seminars.
Research work is properly organized at the department. The sphere of scientific interests of the teachers of the department is the study of theoretical and practical problems of social communications, editorial activity, publishing, journalism, advertising, coverage of topical issues of the text in the modern information space. Research topics developed at the department: "Communication in scientific and scientific-informational spheres", "Features of editing different types of publications", "Political counseling as a social phenomenon of improving the effectiveness of mass political communications."
During the existence of the department 6 of its employees defended doctoral dissertations, 17 - PhD.
Employees of the Department of Publishing and Editing are constantly improving their knowledge and undergo internships in various institutions. Teacher training is provided through internships at the Parliamentary Publishing House, the Press of Ukraine, Kyivska Pravda, the Ukrainian Institute of Information Technologies in Education (UIITO) of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, and the Taras Shevchenko Institute of Journalism. Linguistics, Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature, Slovo i Chas magazine, Institute of Media Technologies (Stuttgart), University of Technology and Design (Leipzig), Academy of Printing and Media Technologies (Heidelberg).
The department cooperates with the relevant departments of Ukrainian universities, where the specialty "Journalism" is opened.
The department has a student editorial office, a laboratory of desktop publishing systems, where students can improve their skills, master the editorial and advertising profession.
Since 2009, another training under the educational program "Advertising and Public Relations" has been opened. Profile disciplines: "Preparation of different types of books", "Editing educational literature", "Editing children's literature", "Editing translation", "Automation of editorial and publishing process", "Fundamentals of journalism", "Creative in advertising and PR", "Organization of the press service "," Imageology "," Heuristics. Theory and practice of argumentation "," Branding ".Teachers of the Department of Publishing and Editing constantly conduct educational work on the professional orientation of students. As part of the courses "Applied Socio-Communication Technologies", "Intellectual Property", students master the skills of successful employment and create real publishing and advertising products. Thus, the educational process is as close as possible to the real production process, which allows you to practice the practical skills of future professionals in the field of publishing, advertising and PR in real conditions, involving the setting of real problems and their solution.

The department tries to employ students at the stage of study, using long-term traditional ties with publishing and printing organizations, institutions, editorial offices, advertising agencies, PR departments of economic structures. Much attention is paid to the practice, during which business leaders have the opportunity to look closely at our students, assess the quality of their training and without fear to offer them a job, and students - to gain professional and business skills. Due to this, employment of our graduates is not a problem. During the period from 2010 to 2016, 100% of the number of state orders was allocated to their work. Feedback from the heads of enterprises, organizations, institutions, both public and private sectors of the industry where our graduates work, is positive. The conformity of students' training to modern state requirements and their adaptation to work in market conditions is noted, which allows to hold the positions specified in the qualification characteristics. Graduates work in the following positions: editor, senior editor, editor-in-chief, proofreader, journalist, head of the editorial and publishing department of a research institution, educational institution, mass media and special communication, head of the advertising and public relations department, press secretary, information management manager, advertising manager, public relations specialist, communication expert in parties and other public organizations.

Properly provided with pedagogical and scientific staff, the graduating department was formed as an authoritative team in the scientific, student, professional environment, as an intellectual and creative force. There is every reason to expect the formation of a self-sufficient scientific school with an appropriate vision of scientific issues, methodology of its research, solid experience, active followers from among the graduates who acquire the specialty.



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