Department of publishing and editing provides training in the specialty "Journalism".

Publishing and Editing

As a result of the capture of specialization "Publishing and Editing" students acquire knowledge and skills that will help them in future:

  • organize their own publishers and publishing organizations, advertising agencies, develop a publishing program;
  • create layouts of printed and electronic publications;
  • editorial perform analysis of different kinds of publications;
  • write and edit text to a variety of media;
  • creative use of new technologies in publishing and editing.

Students acquire skills in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop, FTP Client "FileZilla", Notepad ++, - the Microsoft Office programs etc. Students receive theoretical training and acquire practical skills in editing and proof-reading technologies for  books, magazines, brochures and other printed editions using the most modern technology processing of text and illustration of information theory and practice of publishing management.

Graduates work in publishing houses, editorial offices of print and electronic publications, editorial and publishing departments of enterprises, informational, advertising agencies, radio and television, holding positions of editor, senior editor, editor, proofreader and journalist, head of the editorial and publishing department research institution , educational institution, etc.

Advertising and Public Relations

Specialist specialization of "Advertising and public relations" in accordance with the general professional training and able to perform the following activities:

  • advertising and information;
  • advertising and administrative (managerial);
  • organizational and advertising;
  • marketing and advertising;
  • information and creative;
  • information and communication;
  • information management;
  • information management;
  • communication expert.

Students acquire skills in Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Excel, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop, FTP Client "FileZilla", Notepad ++, - the Microsoft Office programs and more. During the training, students learn to develop organizational and guidelining products on marketing research to prepare advertising publications; work on optimizing technologies for advertising business; develop promotional products; analyze production technology of advertising, including print and electronic publications; define the conceptual framework of promotional activities or public relations for the company.

Graduates work on posts: head of advertising and public relations, spokesman, manager in the field of information, advertising manager, a specialist in public relations, communications expert in parties and other public organizations.

The Department trains specialists in the field of knowledge 0303 "Journalism and Information", including:
         - Bachelor
           Associate Professionals 6.030303 — «Publishing and Editing»
                                                  6.030302 — «Advertising and Public Relations»;
         - Specialits
Associate Professionals 7.03030301 — «Publishing and Editing - Editor»
                                                  7.03030202 — «Public Relations – Press Associate Professional»;
         - Masters
Associate Professionals 8.03030301 — «Publishing and Editing - Editor»
                                                  8.03030202 — «
Public Relations – Press Associate Professional».



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