The Department of Publishing and Editing is assigned separate rooms in the educational building 8, which is located at: st. Academician Yangel, 1/37, namely: laboratories (120 m2), computer classes (70 m2), 2 teaching (36 m2) methodical office (18 m2), archive (8 m2), diploma design office (18 m2) ). In addition, other premises and laboratories of the Publishing and Printing Institute are used in the educational process. Laboratories and computer classes of KPI are used in teaching disciplines by general university departments in the educational process. Igor Sikorsky.

Thus, the department is fully equipped with equipment for laboratory and practical work. At the same time, the equipment is constantly updated, the laboratory base of the department is expanding. The library of the department is replenished with normative-methodical and professional literature.

In 2010-2011, two NEC-NP110 projectors, an Elite Screens 85 ”projector and Samsung P29-1 and Acer LXPLX02.466 laptops were purchased to optimize the learning process.

In 2018-2019, 15 modern computers for the computer class were purchased, where practical classes and computer workshops in such disciplines as "Layout and layout", "Computer graphics", "Computer competence" are held. , "Automation of editorial and publishing processes", "Internet journalism", "Website support", "Electronic publications", "Internet media editing", "Internet advertising and SEO-promotion".

Also in 2019, 3 laptops and 2 projectors were purchased. The availability of portable screens, projectors and laptops has improved the quality of teaching disciplines that require the display of graphics and video materials, such as "Social Informatics", "Network Communication", "Creative PR Technologies" and more. This technique is also used by students to prepare and demonstrate the results of independent work.

As a basis for practical classes and undergraduate practice are used Publishing and Printing Complex "Polytechnic" VPI, branches VPI, Parliamentary Publishing House, news agencies "Interfax-Ukraine", "Ukrinform", publishing house "Scientific Thought", "Higher School", "Education" , SE "Press of Ukraine", LLC "New Print", CJSC HC "Blitz-Inform", SE "Printing plant for the production of securities" Ukraine ", publishing houses" Wolf "," Litton ", etc.





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