A bachelor's degree is the first level of higher education awarded by a higher education institution as a result of the successful completion of an educational and professional program by a higher education applicant, the amount of which is 180-240 ECTS credits.  
The bachelor's degree involves the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills sufficient for the successful performance of professional duties in the chosen specialty.
The bachelor's program provides fundamental training in the chosen field of knowledge. During the study, the student learns basic information from other scientific fields, mainly of a general nature. Bachelor's programs are broad-based, have a general scientific and general professional character.

 The term of study for bachelor's programs is 4 years. 

The bachelor has the following advantages: 
• This type of qualification is accepted according to the international classification and is clear to employers abroad.
• Fundamentality of training, its thoroughness allows, if necessary, to easily change the profession, because in accordance with the state educational standard, bachelor's degree programs are designed to allow one year to move to one of a number of related professions.

External Evaluation Certificates

Educational programs

List of documents for admission

Stages of the introductory campaign and the work schedule of the selection committee

Terms and conditions of admission to the 1st year

Cost of education


External Evaluation Certificates and specific weight of points

The list of competitive subjects in the certificates of external evaluation and the share of points for admission in 2021         

  • Ukrainian language and literature - 0,45
  • History of Ukraine - 0,35
  • Foreign language or mathematics, or physics, or biology, or chemistry, or geography - 0,2

Minimum competitive score - 125.

Calculation of the competition score >>

In 2021, certificates of external independent evaluation of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 (foreign language 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021) are accepted.)   

Educational programs

You can enroll in a bachelor's degree for the 1st year in the specialty 061 Journalism at the Department of Publishing and Editing in the following educational programs:

Publishing and editing;

           Publishing and editing
The educational program’s purpose is in-depth specialists’ training in journalism by forming the readiness to solve complex problems of publishing and printing in the social communications field, to conduct innovative activities based on a deep rethinking of existing and creating new holistic knowledge and communication behavior.
Students study the applied social and communication technologies; methods and techniques of collecting, processing, and disseminating information, media planning, professional norms and standards, and other special techniques to apply in the social communications field and narrow professional fields of social communication.
The educational program is based on well-known scientific principles considering the modern state of journalism’s development with a focus on current specializations, further professional and scientific career in the social communications field, publishing, and editing (general, theoretical, and applied) in publishing houses, media departments in television, radio, government, public, and commercial organizations.

Advertising and public relations.

           Advertising and public relations
The educational and professional program “Advertising and Public Relations” trains specialists for dynamically and constantly developing advertising and communication services. All disciplines are adapted to the modern requirements of employers allowing future professionals to achieve a high level of professional competence and be competitive among other specialists in the field.
Professional training forms a specialist with a high level of professional competence. To this end, students are studying applied social and communication technologies; methods and techniques of collecting, processing, and disseminating information, media planning, professional norms and standards, and other special techniques for advertising and public relations.
The interactive learning components apple to the educational process, including presentations, business games, cases, workshops. The program’s implementation involves the involvement classes with practitioners, industry experts, representatives of employers. The educational program is partially harmonized with the other countries’ programs.

More details on the educational programs for which the Department of Publishing and Editing prepares bachelors in the specialty 061 Journalism, can be found in the section "About the specialty" (menu "Applicants"). 

List of documents for admission

List of documents for admission to the 1st year 

Stages of the introductory campaign and the work schedule of the selection committee

Persons who did not submit the original of the document on education, the original of the certificate (certificates) to the selection committee of KPI named after Igor Sikorsky, are not included in the KPI. Igor Sikorsky to study at the state order.


Dear entrants, the key dates of the admission campaign and the work schedule of the Admissions Committee are also posted on the page of the Admissions Committee of KPI. Igor Sikorsky >>

Terms and conditions of admission to the 1st year

Rules of admission 1st year is carried out in accordance with:

"Rules of admission to the National Technical University of Ukraine" Kyiv Polytechnic Institute named after I. Sikorsky "in 2021"

"Conditions of admission for higher education in 2021" (ORDER of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)

List of diseases and pathological conditions that may be an obstacle to passing the EIT - a joint order of the Ministry of Health / Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


Information materials of the introductory campaign 2021:

Entry catalog

Information materials of the KPI Admissions Committee

Presentation "Admission Campaign 2021: Admission Conditions and Organization of Work" (MES of Ukraine)

Presentation "Features of the introductory campaign in KPI 2021"

Application form for the examination sheet

Information on the external evaluation can be found on the website of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

Cost of education

The cost of one year of study for Ukrainian students
at the expense of individuals and legal entities to obtain the educational level of bachelor
(contract 1-4 course) Publishing and Printing Institute in 2020-2021.

Code and name of the specialty

Tuition fee (for one year)

External form
of education

061 Journalism

   Advertising and public relations

38500 20300

Publishing and editing

38500 20300


Students of the Publishing and Printing Institute live in the dormitory № 10 of the KPI campus. Igor Sikorsky. On the campus there are sports fields, cafes, student restaurant, laundry, dry cleaning, student discos, there are several grocery stores, a pharmacy. The campus has a local computer network with Internet access, which is available in each of the dormitories.
In the dormitory, the apartment block consists of two or five rooms. Rooms in dormitories are designed to accommodate 3-4 people. Each unit has a separate bathroom and shower. If the block consists of five rooms, the kitchen is in the block, if less - on the floor.
The cost of living depends on the number of students living in the room, because the basis is the cost of 1 square meter. m of living space and is determined each year with the participation of the student union. Terms of payment are set in the "REGULATION on payment for accommodation in student dormitories KPI. Igor Sikorsky for all categories of residents. "
The order of settlement in the dormitories of 1st year students is determined by the relevant order of the rector. The settlement begins on August 25.
All VPI students in need of accommodation receive a place in a dormitory.

Terms and conditions of settlement are posted on the sites:





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