Meeting with Larisa Mudrak

07 December 2014 By In News

Among the most important values of advertisers and printers defined love, freedom, trust, money and happiness

Larisa Mudrak - Member of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio – took on a series of inspirational speeches for students of Publishing and Printing  Institute . Larisa has managed to interest an audience  and swept very important and relevant topics for today. Among them were new media, information warfare and glorious generation "MiMiMi."

After conducting the test to determine the values Larisa was delited of the fact that our students do  not belong to a generation "MiMiMi" as among the 5 most important values publishers and advertisers have identified those that are not inherent generation "MiMiMi" love, freedom , trust, money and happiness. This test succeeded in establishing excellent contact with the audience and to attract students to passionate debate.

Another sub-theme was new, converged media on which Larisa has gave many examples of new media formats, which must be developed and  work.

Lecture was ended with particularly hot topic today: media wars. Because the Internet has no borders, can not control of it. Larisa described the country implementing trends in media and attempts to introduce Italian regulation of the Internet and its effects.

The lecture was extremely informative and collected a full house because students are always happy to hear useful information and take it into account.

Yanina Korsun


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